• "Fabulous, professional, friendly service. Exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend this vet service."
    Caroline Brighton
  • "It is a less stressful experience for me and my cat."
    Yvonne Port Melbourne
  • "I really like that our dog does not have to be stressed with a drive to the doctor. She can be kept calm and relaxed at home and have a friend come to visit her. She gets excited when Dr Chris come to visit her, she loves him. We are very happy with the way Chris interacts with our toy poodle."

    Tricia & Zaneta Docklands
  • We don't have a car which is the main reason we chose Bayside Mobile Vet. We also discovered it's a lot less stressful for our cats.

    Matt Southbank
  • "Wow. What a gifted practitioner - everything I could've ever asked - so kind & sensitive, beautiful with the pooch (who liked him immediately), an old hand with the medicine, respectful in my home. I will always be grateful."

    Melanie South Yarra
  • "I can never every thank Chris enough for his kindness, decency and graciousness when tending to my beautiful old dog in his final moments. Mephy drifted away peacefully on this own bed at home where he felt safe and secure. Chris was able to deal with his body discretely afterwards which provided me with great relief. Chris is a wonderful, knowledgeable vet and I recommend him very highly!"

    Liz Elwood
  • "Best Vet in the world, Romeo refuses to get into my car, by Chris making a house call makes my life so much easier. He is fantastic, highly recommended."
    Fonda South Melbourne
  • “Dr Chris is the best vet I've ever used. Would highly recommend to everyone. Harry says thanks!”

    Bee Bee April 2014
  • Bayside Mobile Vet came out the next day after observing my dogs behavour and her not improved by the morning. You guys were prompt, professional and discussed the options in treatment at length. Thanks Bayside Mobile Vet we really appreciated the service and Pippa is doing great!”

  • “Our cat just lay on the bed in comfort as she was attended to. A very stress free visit!”

    David Mowat