First Appointment



It is very helpful for us to have your pet’s previous medical records to understand what procedures or treatment he/she has had and when previous preventative medicine (including vaccinations, worming) has been provided. In the case of vaccination it is also important to know which vaccination has been given so that we are able to continue with the appropriate protocol.

Please contact your previous vet and ask for your pet’s records to be emailed or sent to us.

Email address:
Address: PO Box 52, South Melbourne, 3205

It is best to do this as soon as you make an appointment with us to ensure the veterinarian has access to the records before they visit your pet.

On the day

On the day

If you think that a blood test or procedure may be required please withhold food from your pet for 8 hours prior to the visit. Offer water at all times.


If your dog is sick please don’t take him/her for a walk in the time before the scheduled visit in case we need to collect some urine for examination. This may also falsely elevate his/her temperature. It would be helpful if you have some special treats nearby in case we need to keep them still or get their attention.

Please advise us at the time you make an appointment if your dog can be aggressive to ensure we have a muzzle available. If there is any risk of danger to any person or animal we may have to reschedule the visit and there is a chance we may need to organise for an assistant to come on the visit.


Please ensure your cat is confined to one room and is easily accessible. Please close bedroom doors so that your cat cannot hide under the bed. Also check that cat flaps and windows and outside doors are closed so that your cat cannot escape while the vet is there.