Dr Chris Gleeson is the head veterinarian at Bayside Mobile Vet.

My qualifications are a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from The University of Melbourne.

My most memorable experience as a student was meeting my future wife.

If I were an animal, I would be a pet cat – usually the best life in the world!

I own a three-legged rescue cat named Hermione (yes, the boy wizard and his posse leave their mark again).

The most misunderstood breed of dog or cat is the Pug – so much personality and a body that is just not quite right.

The pet I would recommend for a single person or a couple is a rescue dog. Having said that, it’s important to carefully match the dog’s activity requirements with the amount of time the owner(s) can realistically spend exercising it.

The pet I would recommend for a young family is

a kitten or cat (on the proviso that they have ample time away from ear piercing squeals and inquisitive hands).

Something you don’t know about me is

I once had an impressive mullet (hairstyle, not fish).

Coffee or tea

coffee – white with one, thanks.

I love my job because

I get to make a difference to the lives of animals, as well as making their owners happier.

I recently learned that

you can encourage an Axolotl (a type of amphibian) to expel a foreign body by putting it in the fridge.

A common old wives’ tale is

that butter on cats’ paws will stop them running away from home.

If I wasn’t a vet, I’d be

a failed front man for a rock band.

The secret to a happy pet is

spending lots of quality time with them.

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